Hotel Reservations 2014

Reconfirmation emails are starting to arrive. please start checking your spam and junk boxes.  click the link in the email and press the button on the webpage to submit your reconfirmation or you my lose your reservation.

Quick tip for windows 8 users

When you connect your Windows 8 system to a Microsoft online account, you can set it up to sync your settings. if you install the Japanese IME for Japanese language input on your keyboard, those settings will follow to any other Windows 8 system that you link to your Microsoft account.

Hotel reservations

we are at 14 days and counting. in the next ~7 days keep an eye out for the confirmation email from the hotel.  you must reply to this email to lock in your room. make sure to check your spam filters as well. not replying to the email may cause them to give your room to someone else.