Japan 2014 Update. HANAMI

A trip to the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden has been set up.  During this time of year in March the cherry blossoms should be opening up.
Be ready to take amazing pictures to show everyone.


Japan 2014 trip change

The cat cafe that was planned has been changed to two new ones.

「Kyariko Cat Cafe」
Shinjuku, Kabuki-cho 1-16-2 Fuji Building 5/6F
Open 10am - 10pm
English friendly
1000yen/hour with pack rates as well


「Ekoneko Cat Cafe」
Nerima-ku Asahigaoka 1-73-1 Mita Building 2F
Open Noon - 10pm
1000yen/hour free drinks

Japanese Keyboard

i have been asked about an easy way to get a Japanese keyboard.  looking around most pages will take you to a full Japanese page when you change the language.  This is not helpful when looking to start learning Japanese and want a keyboard that has the Hiragana on them.

By far the easiest way to get a keyboard is from Apple. On the page that allows you to add to the cart, you can select what language you would like the keyboard to be in.  It is that simple, select your language and add to cart. you will then be taken to the check out and your keyboard will be on its way.

here is a link to a wireless keyboard from Apple that you can order.
Keyboard from Apple