Activity night

Thank you for everyone that participated in the  "Lets talk Japanese" activity tonight.
sorry to all the losers that have "won" a prize.

to everyone that participated and said something in english.

MiFi Hotspot Rental

A 4G/3G Dual LG Portable WiFi Router has been rented and will be picked up at the Narita airport.  The device will be picked up at the departure gates next to the airline counters.   If you are going to use the device, please turn off auto updates for your devices and laptops.  This year we are getting the 4G/3G version that has a data limit.  Acceptable use is Email, Skype calls, social media (no photo/video uploads), and Google maps.  Please do not ask to borrow the device, you will not be given the device.  If you want to go out on your own and want to have a WiFi router device, please proceed to rent a device for your personal usage.